June 14-16, 2023

Get ready to feel replenished and energized

This June 14-16, 2023 get ready to feel replenished and energized; supported and seen; and above all, connected to yourself and other business leaders that know we need global transformation.

Come create community in the potent, highly curated, and brave space of SVIW. Share your real time business struggles, problem solve with other leaders, and generate innovative ideas and solutions.

As women and femme entrepreneurs, we will gather for ourselves, for our businesses, for each other, and for the change we wish to see in the world.

Join our curated community of women, femmes and non-binary leaders
Share real time business challenges, successes’ and curiosities
Create brave spaces that inspire change and meaningful connections

 “To feel revitalized in 2022 – after two exhausting, challenging and draining years that seem to play on loop – by a virtual gathering is a deeply resounding success. I feel nourished and grateful for this opportunity to connect to a loving, inspiring network of creators and visionaries.”

Zaynah Hindi, SVIW 2022

LEARN With community


Join us June 14-16, 2023

SVIW breaks through the usual barriers of business conferences. This artfully-facilitated gathering offers problem-solving, experiential learning, skill-sharing and powerful conversation. It is an invitation to find the balance, insights and resources you need to propel your mission forward.

This gathering addresses the specific needs of women-identifying leaders including Black, Indigenous, Queer, Latinx and all change-driven people. We go deep, holding space for the evolution that is needed to fulfill your mission.

The key elements of the SVI Model include inspiration, truth telling, hard core business case studies, practical workshops and skill building.


True Confessions & Interactive Case Studies

True Confessions are personal stories from experienced entrepreneurs and their struggles to reach success combining social mission with business. SVIW Case studies are a core element of the agenda and provide a unique opportunity to learn about a strategic business challenge while a panel of experts and peers offer constructive and crucial feedback and insights. These intimate, confidential sessions dive deep on relevant and current business challenges, and offer universal learning for all participants.


Skill Building Workshops

2023 workshops will be announced soon! Interactive skill-building workshops feature experienced entrepreneurs who have mastered best practices. These workshops offer a deep dive into a range of topics including from business strategy and marketing, to personal leadership, to justice, equity, and inclusion training.


Peer-learning + real connection

Throughout the gathering you will have numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders during breakout groups and peer coaching circles. We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions so you can gain individualized expertise and wisdom. After the convening you are also introduced to a highly engaged SVI alumni online community, where you can expand your network, share your game-changing ideas, make “asks and offers,” and meet up throughout the year. You’ll tap into the wisdom of diverse business minds through our peer-learning model.

Meet Your People

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating, especially in this unsettled world. The magic of SVIW is in the people you meet. This is an inclusive cross-generational, cross-cultural, cross-sectorial gathering, designed to generate insights and real connection.


Early birds get 25% off listed prices. Offer valid until Feb 18, 2023.

Tuition: $425.00 CAD / $340.00 USD

Scholarships are available. Please apply within your program application.

Our Partners

We are grateful to our Partners and Sponsors who provide critical support to ensure success and to increase accessibility by supporting the conference scholarship fund. If you are interested in partnering, please connect with us.