Maggie Chan

Maggie Chan is a dynamic ecosystem builder, connecting entrepreneurs and tech leaders to funding, education, and community supports to scale their business. She thrives on working collaboratively across various stakeholders in government, industry, non-profits, and academia to drive innovation initiatives and solve complex problems. Through her roles at Launch Academy, Female Funders/RAISE Collective, and currently at Innovate BC, she is passionate about promoting innovation and economic growth, with a focus on inclusive prosperity and sustainability. As a lifelong Vancouverite and mother to a curious three-year-old son, Maggie enjoys exploring all the natural wonder, cultural foods and neighbourhood gems the city has to offer.

About Innovate BC

A Crown Agency of British Columbia, Innovate BC works to foster innovation across the province and bolster the growth of the local economy through delivering a wide range of programs that help companies start and scale, access talent and encourage technology development, commercialization, and adoption.