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Hollyhock programs are enriched by welcoming a multitude of voices and experiences that reflect global plurality. The Hollyhock scholarship program is one of the key strategies we employ to expand program access to underrepresented and marginalized communities. 

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A limited number of scholarships are granted per program with awards ranging from partial to full tuition. As we aim to support the highest number of people possible; the majority of scholarships awarded are for 50% of tuition costs. The vast majority do not cover travel, accommodation, or meals. 

While everyone is welcome, we especially encourage applicants from people whose identities intersect with, but are not limited to: Black, Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQIA+, people with physical and cognitive disabilities, neurodiverse people, newcomers (first time at Hollyhock), youth, and elders. 

All programs are eligible except for holidays and meditation programs that are based on dana (teachings by donation). While we continue to grow our scholarship fund and build accessibility, we regret that not all applications will be successful.

Hollyhock Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funding is intended to reduce costs and ease barriers for as many people as possible in each program year.

We recommend applying for a scholarship as early as possible to ensure you have time to make your travel arrangements and complete the registration process. If you are applying 14 days or less from the program start date please contact our registration team HERE to check if funds are still available for your program.

Scholarship Process:

  • Application: Upon receipt of your scholarship application, our registration team will send an email confirming receipt and tentatively hold your place in the program pending review of your application by the scholarship committee.
  • Award + Program Confirmation: Scholarship applications for presenter-led programs in Vancouver and on Cortes Island will be reviewed by the committee on a rolling basis beginning 90 days before the program start date and ending 14 days before the program begins.
  • Scholarship applications for our Hollyhock Leadership Institute programs (i.e. Activate, SVI, Psychedelic Summit) will be reviewed at the end of each calendar month, with decisions coming out by the 15th of the following month. (For example, if you applied in the month of February, you can expect to hear the status of your application by March 15th).
  • Appeals: Should your application be denied or insufficient, you can appeal scholarship committee decisions here
  • Participation + Follow up: We look forward to welcoming you on campus. Should you be unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible to maximize the opportunity to redistribute scholarship funds. 
  • Feedback: At season end, our team will follow up with you to learn about your experience.Your participation is optional. 

Scholarship FAQ

Please contact the registration team at [email protected] or (800) 933-6339

The scholarship committee is composed of three staff members, representing the perspectives of the program team, the registration team, and the development team at Hollyhock. A fourth staff member serves as an advisor to weigh in on difficult decisions and review appeals.

In 2023, the most commonly granted amount of scholarship was $375. The majority of scholarships granted in the past season were between $300 and $500 (approximately fifty percent of tuition).

Scholarships generally cover a partial amount of tuition fees. Full board scholarships (covering the entirety of tuition, meals, and accommodation) are rare but can be offered at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

Scholarships are awarded in dollar amounts which are applied toward the total cost of an applicant’s participation in a Hollyhock gathering. As a result, applicants may still be responsible for the remaining charges for meals, accommodation, and/or the remainder of their tuition.

In 2023, Hollyhock granted $145,960 in scholarships to 207 people out of 267 applications, resulting in an overall success rate of 78 percent. 

Out of the total scholarship fund, $70,659 was allocated to BIPoC applicants. In 2023, 103 applicants self-identified as BIPoC and 96 were awarded scholarships for a success rate of 93 percent.

It varies slightly. In the case of HLI programs, the senior producer of the program will review applications and make recommendations to the scholarship committee. They do not have a vote, and the final decision remains with the scholarship committee.

HLI programs also function on a different timeline. We review HLI scholarship applications on a monthly basis at the end of each calendar month. You can expect to hear a decision by the 15th of the following month. (For example, if you applied in the month of February, you can expect to hear the status of your application by March 15th)

Any scholarship funds granted will be applied to standard tuition pricing.

The ability to make plans long in advance is a privilege that not all people share. Alternately, we recognize that others need to plan in advance to arrange travel, time off work etc. This timeline was set to balance the needs of both of these groups.

We recognize that applications contain sensitive information, and value your privacy. Application information is confidential and only shared on a need-to-know basis. Scholarship committee members access it for the purpose of voting, and registration team members access it to complete your registration. We do not share this information with other Hollyhock staff, program presenters, donors or sponsors, or anyone else without your explicit permission. 

If your award is insufficient to cover your need, please fill out an appeal form as soon as possible. While it may not be possible to extend a higher award, we will always review your appeal and give serious consideration to your request.

Yes, if a program has been cancelled, recipients will be invited to use their scholarship for an alternate program in the same year.

If recipients are unable to accept in a given program year due to situations beyond their control, the scholarship committee invites the applicant to resubmit their application in the next program year, noting that they were previously awarded a scholarship.

Dana Bass Solomon, the former Hollyhock CEO, giving a speech during a ceremony

Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Fund

In 2018, Hollyhock established the Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Fund in honour of former CEO, Dana Bass Solomon and her 20 years of extraordinary leadership. This fund supports full tuition, room, and meals for emerging leaders who demonstrate financial need and extraordinary potential in community innovation, arts and culture, or social and environmental change.

All applications will be considered for a full Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship, and up to 12 are available each year.

Tiered Tuition

For select programs with high social impact, you can pick a tier that fits your budget. No application required.

  • Reduced – Low income, made possible by our generous donors
  • Standard – Mid income, regular price
  • Generous – High income, helps support another participant to join
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