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Travel options from the mainland to Cortes Island

People taking a walk in nature on Cortes Island

It’s all about the journey! There are many ways to get to our Cortes Island campus.

Click each option or scroll for more info. Pricing and timing are estimates only.


Fly & Water Taxi

Roadtrip & Ferry

Bus or Rideshare

Remember to book your Hollyhock shuttle!

For all onsite guests arriving and departing Hollyhock, we offer a complimentary shuttle to and from ferry, water taxi, and seaplane docks on Cortes Island (about 15 minutes drive).

Book 24 hours in advance at [email protected]
or 1.800.933.6339

Map showing different ways to get to Cortes Island
Seaplane landing in Cortes Island


Fly direct to Cortes Island

1 hour from Vancouver, BC
2 hours from Seattle, Washington

Approx. $800 – $1000 Round-Trip

Limited scheduling.

Seaplane Providers

CorilAir Charters (Vancouver or Campbell River to Cortes Island)
888.287.8366 |

Harbour Air (Vancouver or Victoria to Cortes Island)
800.665.0212 |

Gulf Island Seaplanes (Vancouver to Cortes Island)
800-665-2359 |

Kenmore Air Seaplanes (Seattle to Cortes Island)
866.435.9524 |

Fly & Water Taxi

  • Fly to Campbell River or Comox
  • Water Taxi to Cortes Island

2 hours from Vancouver, BC
3+ hours from Seattle, Washington (via Vancouver)

Approx $400 – $1300 Round-Trip

  • Flight: $300-$1000 (round-trip)
  • Shuttle or Taxi from Campbell River airport to water taxi dock: $20 (each way, pre-book); from Comox airport to water taxi dock: $100-200 (each way, pre-book)
  • Water Taxi: $40-$300 (each way), depending on number of passengers
Water Taxi prices are based on number of passengers. The Water Taxi must be booked in advance.

International Air Providers

Air Canada (to Campbell River or Comox)

WestJet (to Campbell River or Comox)
888.937.8538 |

Domestic Air Providers

Central Mountain Air (to Campbell River or Comox)
888.865.8585 |

Pacific Coastal Airlines (to Campbell River)
800.663.2872 |

Land Shuttles

Campbell River Airport Shuttle (from airport to Discovery Launch Water Taxi dock)

Ambassador Shuttle Service (from Comox airport to Discovery Launch Water Taxi dock)
877.339.5252 |

Taxis also available outside terminals.

Water Taxi Providers

Discovery Launch Water Taxi (Campbell River to Cortes Island)
250.287.7577 |

Lund Water Taxi (Sunshine Coast to Cortes Island)
604.483.9749 |
Reservable no earlier than 1 week in advance. $250 to charter.

Boat heading to Cortes Island
Cortes Island Highway

Roadtrip & Ferry

Steps & Ferry Schedules

BC Ferries
888.223.3779 |

1. Ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo – 1 hour 40 min / 2 hours
If coming from Vancouver, use Horseshoe Bay (West Van) to Departure Bay (Nanaimo) route. If coming from South (e.g. Seattle), you have the option of taking the Tsawwassen (Vancouver) to Duke Point (Nanaimo) route.

2. Drive from Nanaimo to Campbell River – 1 hour 45 min

3. Ferry from Campbell River to Quadra Island – 10 min
See schedule for Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove (Quadra Island)
Purchase your through-fare to Cortes Island here.
Alternatively, you have the option of parking your car in Campbell River and taking a Water Taxi direct to Cortes Island from there.

4. Drive across Quadra Island – 10 min
Drive from Quathiaski Cove to Heriot Bay.

5. Ferry from Quadra Island to Cortes Island – 45 min
See schedule for Heriot Bay (Quadra Island) to Whaletown (Cortes Island)

6. Drive to Hollyhock – 25 min
Located at the end of Highfield Road.

Listed times and prices are estimates only. Note that the ferries can be quite busy during high-season and you are not guaranteed to get on. July and August are especially busy. Allow for at least 60 minutes or more buffer at major routes, and consider reserving the Nanaimo route in advance. Expect longer delays on weekends and long weekends, and during rush hour. Note that if you do not get on your desired ferry that wait times can be up to 3 hours or more.

Ferry to Nanaimo
Drive to Campbell River
Ferry to Quadra Island
Ferry to Cortes Island

6-10 hours from Vancouver, BC
10-14 hours from Seattle, Washington

Approx $250 – $300 Round-Trip

  • Vancouver-Nanaimo Ferry: $58/standard vehicle + $17/person (each way)
  • Campbell River-Quadra Ferry: $21/standard vehicle + $9/person (return trip)
  • Quadra-Cortes Ferry: $24/standard vehicle + $10/person (return trip)
  • Cost of gas will vary depending on your vehicle

Get a BC Ferries Experience Card for additional savings on Quadra and Cortes routes.

We have an electric vehicle charging station at the Hollyhock campus. Plan your stops with PlugShare.

Bus or Rideshare

Bus to Campbell River
Water Taxi or Ferry and catch a ride to Cortes Island

6-10 hours from Vancouver, BC
10-14 hours from Seattle, Washington

Approx $100 – $200 Round-Trip

  • Walk on Vancouver-Nanaimo Ferry: $17/person (each way)
  • Bus Nanaimo-Campbell River: $40 (each way)
  • Walk on Campbell River-Quadra-Cortes Ferries: $17/person (return trip – ask for through-fare from Campbell River to Cortes)
  • Taxi across Quadra Island: $21 (each way, cash only) or hitch a ride

Get a BC Ferries Experience Card for additional savings on Quadra and Cortes routes. Reservations are not needed for walk on ferries.

Hollyhock Rideshare Board

The Hollyhock Rideshare Board makes it easy and fun to share and arrange rides to and from Cortes Island. Only registered guests can access the Rideshare listings and it is up to users to arrange pick-up details. This is a new service that we hope will populate over time, giving more options to Hollyhock visitors throughout the season!

Bus Providers

Ambassador Shuttle (Comox to Campbell River)
877.339.5252 |

FlixBus (Portland, Seattle, Bellingham to Vancouver)

IslandLink Express Bus (Victoria, Nanaimo to Campbell River)

Taxi across Quadra Island with Al your Pal:

Sky High Shuttle (Comox to Campbell River)

Vancouver Island Connector Bus (larger groups & children under 9 years)
866.986.3466 |


Room for Rider Program

In the ferry line-ups, look for Room for Rider tags in cars for people who are willing to give you a ride across Quadra Island to/from Cortes Island! Click here for more information. At the Campbell River ferry terminal, Cortes bound vehicles are generally are found in lane 7. The other option is to pre-book a taxi for your ride across Quadra Island.

White Island Link Bus