Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish, and support
people who are making the world better.

Discover Connection

Deepen your connection with yourself, your community, and the natural earth. Cultivate the skills and relationships you need to create the life and world you want to live in. We’re here to support you in the journey.


Visit for the Day

Enjoy a one-day getaway with a friend or partner. Partnering with Corilair Chartered Flights to offer you a seaplane return trip from Campbell River, a 1-hour Hollyhock massage for each of you, and our famous gourmet vegetarian lunch!


Featured Programs

Painting & Drawing | Lori Goldberg | Sept 25-29

Set your creativity free and build skills in the techniques of drawing and painting.

Fireworks Factory | Darren Barefoot & Julie Szabo | Sept 29-Oct 3

Change the way you think about marketing with trend spotting, neuromarketing, and campaign ideation, and more.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) | Mark Lau, PhD & Andrea Grabovac, MD | Oct 7-12

Bridge the gap between MBCT and the moment-to-moment process of teaching mindfulness. For mental health professionals.

Meditation & Internal Arts: Balancing Movement & Stillness | Dr. Mark Sherman & Paul Bromley | Oct 12-17

Open your body and relax your mind through ancient Chinese Internal Arts alongside mindfulness and meditation practices.