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Brianne Miller

Brianne is a marine biologist turned entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive change. As an expert in zero waste living, she loves connecting people to their environment and coming up with creative solutions to complex conservation problems. Having seen firsthand the devastating impacts of our current food system on the oceans (including climate change, habitat degradation, marine pollution, overfishing, and bycatch to name a few!), she is committed to revolutionizing the food system from the ground up so that future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit from the world’s oceans.

Brianne has nine years of international field and laboratory experience in aquatic biology, tropical ecology, and marine mammal science. She has designed, implemented, and coordinated various marine research projects through numerous stakeholders including academia, government, industry, and non-profit organizations. Since founding Nada, she has been thrown into Vancouver’s dynamic social entrepreneurship scene and is loving every minute of it!

Coralus is a high-impact economic + social model powered by a uniquely inclusive community. Members offer financial and practical resources to women and nonbinary entrepreneurs, creating a self-regenerating pay-it-forward pool of skills, connections, funds, and support then used to advance the UN’s Sustainability Goals (“The World’s To-do List”). Coralus has circulated nearly $18.5M to 180+ women- and non-binary-led ventures by distributing capital via crowdsourced decision-making. 45% of those founders are from chronically excluded racial and ethnic groups. The payback rate on its unsecured 0% interest loans is 95%. Founded in Canada in 2015, Coralus’ current footprint includes the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Join us at