Progressive leaders engaging in peer-to-peer learning to catalyze a new wave of leadership.



A container of high impact climate gatherings, intended to further resource and network the climate movement. Creating a space that fosters learning and innovation in order to effectively collaborate on strategy, policy, and action.
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Hollyhock Campus on Cortes Island, BC


A collection of hosted programs that centres the voices and teachings of innovative leaders in anti-racism, lateral liberation, decolonization, and non-violent communications. Each of these leaders in their work is committed to challenging inequitable systems and structures while innovating and creating ways to build belonging into organizations.
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Catalyzes organized people power to lead progressive societal change through digital advocacy, democratic participation, and grassroots organizing.
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People paying attention during a leadership session at Hollyhock Retreat Centre

Next Economy

A collection of hosted and curated programs that deepen relationships through a socially minded ecosystem of people that leverage business as a force for good. These businesses and leaders recharge and re- emerge skilled up and inspired to continue their journey of social impact work.
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Hollyhock´s staff and students together in the garden celebrating and raising hands.
COMMUNITY AWAITS! Foster community and help drive social change.

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