Stories + Recipes

Borscht Soup

At this  time of year, there is something very comforting about a good warm soup. The mix of earthy beets…
A mug of Golden Chai with a backdrop of trees on Hollyhock campus.
Stories + Recipes

Golden Chai

Every time I make this Golden Chai, it’s different according to the day, the weather, the stories and feelings of…
Wisdom + Wellness

The Great Way

Filmed and produced by photographer Sam Forencich, with music composition and production by Travis Forencich, this beautiful time-lapse meditation is my adaptation…
Movement + Nature

Trust Your Gut

Embodiment is a maturing field that has much to offer to improve leadership, communication, and innovation. For decades it has…

Watercolour On Location

What’s it like painting on location? In his recent Hollyhock Talks post, The Path of Watercolour, David McEown explores how…
Wisdom + Wellness

Anger and the Liver

Our article was originally published on Farah’s website F*** off! Stop texting me you moron. You have no respect…
Wisdom + Wellness

As Within, So Without

[mk_blockquote font_family=”none”]“As within, so without, as the universe, so the soul . . . “ – Hermes Tresmegistus[/mk_blockquote]Hermes Tresmegistus is…
Wisdom + Wellness

Whole Human Health

This article was originally published on my website Ultimately, what is health? The WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as…
Wisdom + Wellness

The Path of Love

Love is something we all want to experience, to enjoy and rest into. Yet it often seems elusive, disappointing and full…