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Simplified Mexican Street Corn

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One of our 1st Cooks recently made a lovely Mexican dinner and served Mexican street corn, by adapting and simplifying the recipe. This adaptation works well for home cooks too. Enjoy the last of our summer 2018 sweet corn!
Ingredient List

  • Sweet corn
  • Mayonnaise
  • Asiago cheese, grated
  • Chipotle powder


  • Blanch the shucked corn for 1 minute in salted boiling water
  • Slather the corn with Mayonnaise
  • Sprinkle generously all over with Asiago cheese
  • Dust with chipotle (to taste, so go easy at first!)

We served it with tacos and salad, but this treat is also great on its own or as a side dish for any Summer-end meal. Enjoy!

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Photography: Amanda McNaughton

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