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I believe we are here to heal each other. I believe most humans, given the opportunity and tools, will rise to their full potential, will be constructive, will be loving, and will be very powerful. If that is how they are being supported. – Ann Bradney

Living in a radically alive way means giving yourself the permission to be deeply vulnerable, to find those parts of yourself you cut off, forgot about, or never knew you had within you. It means admitting that you don’t know what you don’t know. When you are willing to change, willing to fully feel, and willing to listen without judgement, it means you are also willing to say yes to the complexities of our world – to truly see those around you. Radical Aliveness is a humanizing process that leads us out into the world in a different way.
Ann Bradney, founder and Director of the Radical Aliveness Institute explains how when we can be present with ourselves, not from a defended place but from a deeply healed and whole place, we can live the life we long for and be in the world in ways that create healing.

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I know I don’t know… How can I possibility know in a world this complex? I can’t.

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How do we value, honour, and live together with all of our differences?

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When we are not afraid to feel everything, we can let ourselves flow.


There is a state in which you are fully alive, authentic, and spontaneous.  Join me at Hollyhock October 7-12, 2018 for Radical Aliveness and we will find it together.

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Videos courtesy of Danza del Alma

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