1. People

Hollyhock Board

Joel Solomon, Chair Emeritus and Board Advisor at Hollyhock Retreat Centre

Joel Solomon

Joel Solomon is a Founding Partner of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm, at $240m assets under management. Investing…
Hollyhock´s Board Co-Chair Mike Rowlands smiling

Mike Rowlands

Mike first visited Hollyhock in 2009, when he discovered a community of entrepreneurs who see business as a vehicle for…
Hollyhock´s member, Deepa Narayan

Deepa Narayan

Deepa came to Hollyhock in 2003 and got involved with islanders trying to save land from being clearcut and now…
Hollyhock Retreat Centre member, Aki Kaltenbach

Aki Kaltenbach

Aki discovered the magic of Hollyhock in 2013, having had the opportunity to attend SVI on a scholarship after learning…
Hollyhock´s member, Jessy Tolkan, smiling

Jessy Tolkan

Jessy works as the Global Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development for two multi-national automakers, and consults with the Working…
Hollyhock´s Vice Chair, Kairn Carrington

Kairn Mahone

Kairn first came to Hollyhock in 1997, and on that first visit she knew that she would organize her life…
Hollyhock´s Board Co-Chair and Treasurer, Karri Schuermans

Karri Schuermans

Karri first came to Hollyhock on a scholarship from Vancity in 2003. She is the owner and co-founder of Chambar…
Hollyhock´s Secretary, Victoria Watson

Victoria Watson

Victoria became Hollyhock’s closest neighbour after visiting for the first time in 2007 and falling in love with Hollyhock, its…