Sabrina Fevez

Sabrina first learned about Hollyhock after hearing it be referred to as the “Canadian Esalen” during her time spent at the Esalen Institute. Sabrina brings heart-centred leadership to teams, and an empathetic approach to elevating customer experiences. Her tenure as Guest Services Manager at Hollyhock was marked by the cultivation of a positive campus culture that thrived on a people first philosophy. Sabrina’s innate ability to connect with individuals on a deep level enabled her to build cohesive, happy teams and contribute to transformational guest experiences. Sabrina now returns in service to Hollyhock on the Board of Directors, committed to leveraging her insights from being an alum and former resident of Cortes Island.

Sabrina has since built and managed a fast growing Customer Experience Team for Dow Janes – a fintech education company that exists to level the financial playing field for women+.