Darcy Riddell

I have worked to change systems as strategist, process designer, environmental activist, funder and movement capacity-builder. For the last decade I have played leadership roles in Canadian and global philanthropy focused on conservation, systems change, environmental justice and social innovation. Current focus is Indigenous-led land and climate solutions, old growth and biodiversity conservation, including establishment of Indigenous rights and responsibilities for carbon management and nature-based solutions as one means to build resilient and regenerative economies.

My work aims to span boundaries and address root causes of injustice and unsustainable systems. Drawing on on my life experiences, plus three decades of social change work in environmental campaigns, movement capacity-building, academia, philanthropy and cross sector change initiatives, I apply transformative practices from diverse fields. Sources of wisdom and inspiration include ecology, innovation, systems theory, social justice, resilience, governance, leadership, the evolution of consciousness, and spiritual teachings and practices.