Hollyhock´s presenter, Jessika Hepburn


Jessika Hepburn

Jessika Hepburn is a community organizer of Black and Jewish descent with a diverse background in community engagement, education, and entrepreneurship. Over the past three decades, she has been deeply committed to fostering equitable communities and driving innovation in economic paradigms founded on principles of solidarity, inclusion, anti-racism, and mutual aid.

Jessika has extensive experience in community engagement; direct organizing; public speaking and facilitation; data-driven programming; building warm and welcoming on and offline communities; program development rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression; policy consultation; leadership development; and building collaborative partnerships across diverse sectors. Her skills also encompass volunteer recruitment, content creation, and project management.

With a focus on digital and brand strategy at Hollyhock, Jessika brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and design for both local and online campaigns. Whether consulting with industry leaders or spearheading community initiatives, her dedication to speaking truth to power and championing social justice has defined her work as an advocate and activist throughout the years from her hometown of DTES in Vancouver to rural Nova Scotia.