Why we gather as Founders + Friends

From the earliest days of Hollyhock, The “shareholders” (owner/partners), gathered together during the peak of Summer, on the sunny, luxurious shores of Cortes Island. We broke bread, shared stories, worked the land, and strategized the future.

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We were a small, eclectic group of dreamers and can-do idealists. We gathered together for our Annual General Meeting and haggled our the issues. United by our vision of a centre for deep personal and professional development, we saw the dream grow. As our organization matured, and our number of partners from near and far grew, our meetings evolved to formal “shareholder meetings.” We shared financials and reports from the ED/CEO and strategized how to support positive cultural and social change for a better world.
Our gatherings sparked ideas that evolved innovations popular offerings, like “Spirit of Business”, now Social Venture Institute, which 20+ years later has become the incubator of countless social enterprises, mixing for profit and not for profits. It grew as a keynote force for positive change vision and tools in Canada and beyond.

“Hollyhock played an important role as a place to rejuvenate activists who were burning out with the unrelenting pace AND, it was also so much more. As activists who were often resistant, hyper critical, and untrusting, we came to value the exponential strategic shifts that happened only at Hollyhock and came to know the moment in the campaign where energetically, things were not progressing actively and we needed to get “Hocked” again to regenerate relationships, enthusiasm and creativity levels. The “Hock” was the silver bullet when all else failed or when rainforest activist coalitions needed to take space to strategize, reflect and problem solve thorny issues that often got lost in the day to day bustle of the Great Bear Rainforest campaign. Solution Space. Big Dream Incubator. Conflict Resolution Portal.” Judy Holmes, PHD

Hollyhock began from the care and tending of our Shareholders and their early financial support for our team, our programs, and our beloved campus. They always found a next way to cover the shortfall when our expenses exceeded our revenue.

In 2008, the Partners found a unified consensus of over 30 owners, to donate their entire financial ownership, shifting to a not-for-profit. This powerful and unprecedented action has changed the course of Hollyhock history.

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They thus became “Sharegivers” and “Founders” of the new charitable entity, forever part of the Hollyhock family. We invite our Sharegivers to return for an annual gathering on the shores of Cortes. Now we also welcome our new friends and supporters, each finding support roles for the long term. Founders + Friends gather each year to share stories, the “state of Hollyhock”, and support current leadership for the next decades of lifelong leadership learning. Here we dream, spark ideas, and activate the future of this special place.

On the final evening, we gather with neighbours, guests, Founders + Friends for a moving soiree by the ocean, at the next door home of the Watsons. We share creative inspiration for stories and song.  We welcome all, to be part of the Hollyhock community and contribute to our annual work.

It means so much to have you there with us.

Bring family and friends for a magical evening under the stars, with heart warming creativity and multi generations of Hollyhock extended family. Learn more and register here.

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