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Navigating Grief and Life Difficulty

Have you ever wondered how to effectively navigate pain and difficulty in your life? In this short interview snippet, Katheryn Trenshaw – international artist, teacher, and creative consultant – offers some direction to help you navigate the waves that life will throw at you.

Kathryn will be offering Living Awake: Grief, Grace & Gratitude with Dr. Lilli Ruth Rosenberg on Sept 29-Oct 3, 2019.
Living Awake is a simple invitation to freedom. This is an invitation to this moment right now, as it is. Simple… not always easy… but definitely worth it.
Habits of a lifetime take time and space to acquire. They also take time and space to transform and change. The human body takes seven years to replace all of its cells. And the neuronal pathways are affected by our habits of everyday living. Time and space.
There are choices every step of the way as we negotiate our lives in this time space continuum. Choices like doorways we step through that can influence our lives. And so, living awake is our choice.

“How we spend our time is how we live our lives.“
~Annie Dillard

Imagine If when you spoke you decided to stop repeating that old worn out stale story you have recounted many times (you know the one!). You’re bored with this oft repeated storyline, so change it.
Imagine if instead you paused, took a breath or two and listened for the briefest of moments. And your words were a conscious contribution to whoever you were relating with…even if that were you. This simple change would transform every exchange; personal, professional, with your community and with your family.
The time has come. The freedom of nowhere to go. The liberation of nothing to prove. Nothing to fix or even change. Not what ‘would be’, ‘should be’ or ‘could be’, but what actually is happening in this moment right now. Feel what arises? What would love say? Or do? Or even, more radically, what would love love?
Deep liberation, wholeness and well-being are already in each of us. Pause, relax and listen. Responding instead of reacting. This is not just semantics. This IS response-ability. And this is a feeling of being at home in ourselves, our lives and the world. This is radical well-being.
Enter into this inquiry, into staying here a moment and feeling what arises. Don’t take my word for it. Find out and explore. Be curious, creative and free to choose to live awake. Welcome home.

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