Katheryn Trenshaw

Katheryn Trenshaw is an international artist, teacher, and creative consultant who offers training and facilitation in movement, art and personal development particularly focused on awakening as Embodied Consciousness.

Katheryn conducts educational events, workshops, multimedia project and undertakes consulting for individuals, groups and organizations in the United States, Europe and around the world. She is an inspiratrice and evocateur of presence and possibility. She creates spaces through which authentic expression can flow from your source nature and radical well-being happens through living this.


Events with Katheryn Trenshaw

Living Awake: Grief, Grace & Gratitude
May 15, 2020

You must apply before you can register. Click here to apply. “Grief is love with nowhere to go” Through this deep and intimate immersion, discover the magic of relaxing into the ebb and flow of life’s journey. Grief is an integral, essential and vital aspect of every life. Courageously experiencing grief contributes to our capacity for sustained attention on qualities such as compassion, kindness, equanimity, and joy; these are simultaneously the fruits of the awakened life as well as the path to it. This program is designed for those who cultivate curiosity, are interested in depth of presence, and recognize the value of…