Reel Youth: Films of Strength, Perseverance, and Identity

By Reel Youth. Posted on May 12, 2019 in Creativity

It’s hard to think of a world without film. Whether it’s the whimsical story of Snow White or scanning the Great Plains of Saskatchewan, the medium has always had one purpose: to tell stories. Fact or fiction, film immerses the viewer.

Fast-forward to over 100 years since the first film was produced, along comes Reel Youth, an intergenerational connection – stories told by elders, filmed by youth.

Established in 2004, Reel Youth is a media empowerment project that delivers community development programming to youth and adults across Canada and the world. Film production and distribution programs are designed to create positive change in young people’s lives through technical skill building, leadership training, creative collaboration with peers and mentors, and increased connection to community resources.

In 2018, they visited the Blackfoot Territory in Lethbridge, AB, bringing together youth and Elders to strengthen their connections, build storytelling skills, and produce short films that celebrate their lives and cultures.

“We don’t take from the earth and not give something back”
“My mother’s spirit has always been with me; guiding me, protecting me”
“How I keep myself upbeat – 99% of the time, I think I can do it”
“Keep in mind what a proud Nation you come from; we have overcome so much”
“When I found out I was Métis, it finally gave me that sense of belonging, that sense of identity”

Reel Youth will be coming to Hollyhock in August, presented by Mark Vonesch and Tiffany Moses to share their skills and talents. Let’s continue to tell our very own stories.

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  • Aimable

    Hello , am a filmmaker based in Kigali Rwanda, and I am really interested I. reel Youth community for telling stories to the world , how can apply for the scholarship to this session ?
    Thank you so much

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