Farah Nazarali

Farah Nazarali is the Founder and Producer of Drishti Point Yoga Podcasts and The Smiling Yogi, a small-Vancouver-based business dedicated to spreading joy, health, and wellness. After 2 degrees, over 10 years of teaching, and over 15 years of spiritual study and practice, Farah believes the power for change in the world lies within each individual tapping into and harnessing an inner source of power and using it for the benefit of all.

Farah brings a heart-centred approach to conflict resolution and is a pioneer in integrating yogic practices and Eastern wisdom with conflict resolution skills. She has studied classical yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Non-Violent Communication and is currently enrolled in the Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute. In addition to teaching, Farah is the podcast producer of Hollyhock Talks and In Conversation, a Podcast of Banyen Books and Sound.


Events with Farah Nazarali

HollyhockTalks: Sheltering in Community
March 26, 2020

What is happening in the world and in our communities is stressful and destabilizing. Reducing social contact can add to that anxiety. Humans really dislike uncertainty, so now it is more important than ever to reach towards one another in connection, and learn tools for resilience. This 6-week interactive online series to help you centre, calm, and connect, in order to process the enormity of what is happening in our world right now. Sessions will be hosted by Hollyhock Board Vice Chair, Karen Mahon Carrington. Each week will feature different Hollyhock presenters offering reflections and processes to allow us to…

Peace, Poetry & Prayer
September 20, 2020

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it. – Eleanor Roosevelt Peace is at the core of our being. When we tap into our inner peace, we are able to radiate harmony and tranquility and call upon courage to stand up, speak out, and act from a place of love, reverence, and integrity. Peace visionaries – Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., the Peace Pilgrim, the Dalai Lama, Julia Butterfly, Inna Modja, and others offer us a plethora of ways to act, love,…