Chloë Goodchild

Chloë Goodchild is an international singer, innovative educator and acclaimed recording artist. She is the founder of The Naked Voice (1990) and its UK Charitable Foundation (2004), and author of “The Naked Voice, Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound” (North Atlantic Books) dedicated to the transforming practice of self-awareness and conscious communication skills, through spoken and sung voice. Chloe is also a Sounds True Author and Teacher on the Faculty of the Shift Network.

Deafness in childhood catalyzed Chloë’s discovery of inner sound and silence. This deep encounter with her authentic self inspired a lifetime of experiential research into the voice as one of humanity’s most untapped resources for personal and global evolution and transformation.

Chloë has sung several times for HH Dalai Lama and was the music director and composer of The Vagina Monologues with acclaimed playwright Eve Ensler. On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Chloë was flying from the UK to San Francisco when the tragic news of the World Trade Center came through. This gave birth to her Fierce Wisdom CD, and her world anthem Singing Field, which were performed at “Transforming September 11th” at the Royal Opera House London.


Events with Chloë Goodchild

Spoken Song: Discover Your Musical Mind
August 7, 2020

With her storied career in utilizing soundscapes to uplift and empower, Chloë Goodchild returns to Hollyhock alongside her daughter and jazz pianist, Rebecca Nash. Fresh off the release of their joint album, Deep Listening: Spoken Song Series Volume 1, they will be presenting a unique experience focussed on the connection between speaking and singing. The Spoken Song was incepted when Chloë went on tour with acclaimed Rumi translator and poet, Coleman Barks. This informed the album between Chloë and Rebecca, in which they explore the spoken song modality further through the use of vocal and piano-based sounds. Spoken Song: Discover your Musical Mind will develop…