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Date & Time Details:
Saturday-Sunday, February 27-28, 2021
Saturday: 9:00am-noon / 2-5pm / 7-8:30pm* Pacific Time
Sunday: 9:00am-noon / 2-5pm Pacific Time
*Sat evening session is an optional Lovingkindness Meditation

Location: Online

Tuition: $45 CAD (does not include instructor fee)

Scholarship: Full and partial scholarships are available based on financial need. We prioritize Indigenous people, people of colour, people who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, youth, elders, and those who can articulate how their Hollyhock experience will support positive impact in their life and communities. A 50% refundable deposit is required (please contact us if you are unable to pay this deposit). Apply within your registration form.

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Mindfulness & Compassion Weekend Retreat (Online)

With Robert Beatty

February 27 - 28, 2021

These are challenging times. Our lives are even more unstable and uncertain than usual. Our routines and social relationships have been upended. Many people are experiencing distress, fear and depression as they cope with these huge changes. Such times are golden opportunities to go deeply into our meditation practice and find the love, compassion and ease that await us.

Join Robert Beatty in a weekend of turning inward in community. Take a break from the news and your usual life responsibilities. Practice mindfulness to realize that you are not your fears, moods, racing mind, compulsions, addictions, or wounds from the past. Awaken from the trance of everyday life and person-ality and connect with your deep resources of healing and compassion.

This virtual retreat will include sitting and walking meditations, Dharma talks, and discussions, as well as music, poetry, and movement. You will be encouraged to reserve both days of the retreat for yourself and meditation practice. There will be ample opportunity to get away from your computer screen and to take mindfulness outdoors.

“This is my 6th meditation retreat here at Hollyhock over the last 2+ decades, all with Robert. He is a wise and kind person and teacher. He is very skilled at helping open people’s hearts as well as inspire one to have a meditation practice.” – past participant, 2018

Please note: Tuition does not include a fee for the presenter. This is a dãna-based retreat (see below for details).

What is Dãna?

Dãna is an ancient Pali word meaning “giving” or “gift.” Dãna is at the heart of the 2,500 year old Buddhist tradition. Going back to the days of the Buddha, he and the monastic community offered the teachings freely to lay people, as a form of dãna. In turn the lay community, through their generosity, or dãna, ensured that their teachers’ basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and medicine were provided.

When the Buddha would give a public discourse, he usually began with teaching on the importance and the benefits of dãna. The act of giving itself is of immeasurable benefit to the giver; it opens up the heart, diminishes for a moment one’s self-absorption and places value on the well-being of others. The key is that the act of giving itself is the natural expression of a connected and loving heart.

The fee you pay to attend this retreat covers the basic retreat costs; none of your registration fee is payment to the teacher leading the retreats. Teachers offer the teachings with a spirit of generosity and trust that their lives and work will be supported by those who are receiving the life-giving teachings. This is a real expression of the truth of interdependence.

Read More from Robert Beatty on dãna.

Virtual Gathering

This event will take place on Zoom, a video conferencing tool. You may download the application for free. You will also need a device with speakers, microphone, video, and internet connection. You may test your Zoom connection in advance. A short tutorial for Zoom etiquette will be provided at the beginning of the event.

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Robert Beatty
Robert Beatty, MES, MSW, is the founding teacher of the Portland Insight Meditation Community and a member of the first wave of lay Theravada Buddhist teachers who brought Buddhism from Asia to America in the 1970s. Robert integrates Western psychology with the systematic training of the mind and heart offered by Buddhism. His teaching emphasizes kindness, relationship, humour, family, and work as vehicles for spiritual development. He is the author of Mindfulness for a Happy Life. robertbeatty.com | portlandinsight.org Read my blog on Hollyhock Talks
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