SVI Hollyhock

Gather with mission-driven, change-making CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors who are using business as a source for good in the world. Get connected at Social Venture Institute Hollyhock 2023!

Let’s build a just economy together.

If you believe that business can (and should) be a catalyst for social and economic transformation, apply now to join us at Social Venture Institute (SVI) Hollyhock 2023. We host gatherings that help change-makers advance their businesses through experiential learning, skill sharing and powerful conversation. Be part of a big-hearted, socially-minded ecosystem of people who are using business as a source for good in the world. 

Anyone who has ever done something meaningful will tell you the hardest part is evolving yourself to meet the demands of your vision. SVI helps you grow as a person so you can advance your enterprise and make meaningful change.

Share innovative ideas to help improve the way you manage, promote, and finance your businesses and projects
Build a stronger sense of community, cooperation, mission, and effectiveness
Experience the deep rejuvenation integral to the learning journey

A profoundly life changing event. Hollyhock SVI raises your expectations of what success can be and connects you to those who can make your goals reality.

– Patrice Mousseau, Satya Organic Skin Care

LEARN With community


Done right, business can be a meaningful source for good. 

This artfully-facilitated gathering invites you to find the balance, inspiration and connections you need to propel your mission forward. It offers deep human connection, powerful conversations, problem solving, experiential learning, skill sharing and generous doses of laughter. 

For more than 25 years, SVI has been hosting gatherings of socially-minded CEOs, entrepreneurs, change-makers and investors. Our attendees create and scale successful businesses, solo-preneurships and movements aligned with humanity and the planet. We know that to create significant global transformation, change-minded people need to come together in trusting spaces to share ideas, resources and inspiration.

Gather together with fellow entrepreneurs and change-makers. Connect through True Confessions speakers, case studies, peer coaching circles and workshops, and access the SVI ecosystem to uplift and support your work in the world.

The SVI Ecosystem

Once you’ve attended a Social Venture Institute gathering, you’re invited to be part of the SVI ecosystem, a lively, highly-engaged community that you can call on whenever you need. Think of it as a vast trove of support, connections, and resources you can trust.

Maybe you’re seeking advice on a legal matter or HR best practices. Maybe you need a new accountant or business coach. Tap into the SVI ecosystem for advice and connections from changemakers like you.

The changes before us cannot be navigated individually. Each one of us must tap into different ways of learning, knowing and being together in society to usher in global transformation. This is why the SVI ecosystem exists. 

Meet Our 2022 True Confessions Speakers – 2023 Coming Soon


Intentionally Designed to Foster Growth

The format of SVI is highly interactive and experiential. Participants present their business problems to a panel of experienced business leaders and fellow participants. In return, they receive advice, tools, and resources to strengthen and grow their enterprise in a socially conscious way. Based on evaluations and testimonials, participants uniformly reflect that SVI is one of the best investments they’ve made in growing their social purpose enterprises.


Supportive and Experienced Network

The combination of high quality mentors, a confidential and supportive environment, and a practical problem-solving format enables participants to acquire a rich portfolio of skills, a plan to grow their social purpose organization, and a network of contacts to support their enterprise. SVI participants are first or second-stage entrepreneurs who face challenges in growing an enterprise while maintaining a social mission.


Unique Format for Out of the Box Results

Take advantage of this opportunity to fine tune business strategies, learn best practices for solving problems, and build long lasting relationships with business peers and mentors. Get direct feedback for your current business challenges from a faculty of successful socially responsible enterprise leaders. Hear inspiring True Confessions – personal stories from experienced entrepreneurs and their struggles to reach success combining social mission with business.

Meet Your People

Meet the team behind Social Venture Institute.


Early birds get 25% off listed prices. Offer valid until Feb 18, 2023.

Tuition for Social Venture Institute Hollyhock is TBD

Additional Costs
Campus stay rates range from $557 – $1719 and include gourmet meals, accommodations, Hollyhock activities, use of hot tubs and campus facilities; tuition is not included.

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Our Partners

We are grateful to our Partners and Sponsors who provide critical support to ensure success and to increase accessibility by supporting the conference scholarship fund. If you are interested in partnering, please connect with us.