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Join Peter Sterios for a yoga and wellness retreat at Hollyhock this June!

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Contributed by Peter Sterios

Envision stepping out of your daily grind for five enchanting days. Picture yourself immersed in a mysteriously beautiful place – a place so out of the ordinary, so physically and psychologically spacious, that looking back on it might someday feel like a dream.

Could it have truly happened?

Imagine five uninterrupted days away from your usual responsibilities—no kids, no pets, no job—just you surrounded by wilderness, nature, community, adventure, movement, and joy. It seems almost impossible, doesn’t it? But just think about the transformative potential of such a retreat, an experience so distinct from everyday life that it could redefine your very existence.

Hollyhock is known as a hidden haven of creativity and connection. This magical setting boasts abundant gardens providing fresh, nourishing meals, forested trails that offer a wanderer’s spirit plenty of opportunity to explore, and sea-front access perfect for swimming or a refreshing dip after a soak in the nearby hot tubs.

People come from all over the world to Hollyhock. They are drawn to the atmosphere of personal freedom to explore a wide array of knowledge from international and local teachers, in a quiet setting free from the constraints of modern life. Other visitors come seeking to uncover the inner wisdom in their bodies and to express themselves through movement, art, and music. Everyone who comes leaves with a fresh self-awareness, physically and psychologically renewed, and motivated to continue learning and sharing what they gain with the rest of the world.

Although this will be my inaugural visit to Hollyhock, its intrigue captured me years ago through the stories of friends who have taught there for years, encouraging me to experience it for myself. The time has finally come, and I am thrilled to announce that next month, I will be leading my first retreat since the pandemic.

Join me for “The Healing Power of Yoga,” a transformative journey based on my new book, “Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga.” You will discover the healing power that yoga promises, with a spacious 5-day program of yoga-inspired movement and rest in nature, with time to enjoy the beautiful Hollyhock campus and Cortes Island.

The knowledge you gain during the retreat will be uniquely individual, emphasizing your own intuitive creativity that provides a “truly personal” practice and helps uncover the hidden gifts yoga offers for health and well-being. The classes progress steadily over the course and all levels of experience are welcome. Just bring your yoga mat and a receptive heart.

For more information about Peter, the program or to reserve a spot, visit

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