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Revolutionizing Period Equity with joni and Social Venture Institute

The future of period care is here, and it’s more sustainable and equitable than ever before. At this year’s 28th annual Social Venture Institute Hollyhock September 27-October 1, Jayesh Vekariya, the co-CEO and co-founder behind joni, will share how joni is transforming the femtech industry.

joni, a 21st-century period care brand, is on a mission to make sustainable products accessible to everyone who menstruates. Their innovative commercial dispensers and eco-friendly products have already made waves, providing thousands of customers with reliable and eco-conscious solutions. What’s more, joni’s commitment to social impact sets them apart, as they donate 5% of their revenues and have contributed over 140,000 products to non-profit partners across the country. In just three years since starting the company with co-founder and co-CEO Linda Biggs (Read their founding stories here and here.) joni products can now be found in more than 500 retail stores across Canada. Along with a monthly subscription of period care products with free shipping nationwide they are also expanding their B2B strategy to develop more relationships with institutions and corporations.

Jayesh will present a strategic challenge for joni that’s both timely and transformative: competing with traditional pads and tampons suppliers in institutional settings. With the Canadian government mandating free menstrual care for federally regulated workplaces, joni faces a unique opportunity to lead the charge in period equity. However, aligning their sustainable and health-conscious products with traditional suppliers’ dominance is no small feat.

Join us at Social Venture Institute Hollyhock to engage with Jayesh and a panel of experts, as we explore innovative strategies to overcome entrenched norms and pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable period care landscape.

About the SVI Case Study model:

The Case Study model at SVI is a dynamic and collaborative problem-solving session designed to provide invaluable insights to social ventures facing specific strategic challenges. During the session, a presenter shares a business challenge to a panel of three expert respondents and an engaged audience. This confidential and safe environment encourages open and honest sharing, fostering genuine learning and growth. The SVI model transforms challenges into opportunities for collective problem-solving, making each case study a platform for transformative insights and actionable solutions.

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