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Reconciliation Canada: Charting a New Way Forward

At this year’s Social Venture Institute Hollyhock, happening September 27-October 1, one of our featured interactive case studies will be presented by Karen Joseph, the visionary CEO behind Reconciliation Canada.

Born from the vision of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Gwawaenuk Elder, Reconciliation Canada is leading the way in engaging Canadians in dialogue and transformative experiences that revitalize the relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Our model for reconciliation engages people in open and honest conversation to understand our diverse histories and experiences. We actively engage multi-faith and multi-cultural communities to explore the meaning of reconciliation. Together, we are charting a New Way Forward.

Through the development of meaningful partnerships and community outreach programs, Reconciliation Canada has delivered a series of Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops across Canada, hosted events during Reconciliation Week in September 2013, including the Walk for Reconciliation engaging 70,000 people in Downtown Vancouver, and co-hosted events in Ottawa and Vancouver to coincide with the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Each person has an important role to play in reconciliation. Reconciliation begins with oneself and then extends into our families, relationships, workplaces and eventually into our communities.

Watch Karen Joseph’s TEDxCapilano U talk on Reconciling Knowing:

Karen will present a strategic challenge that’s critical for Reconciliation Canada’s continued growth. This case study presents a compelling opportunity for you to be part of shaping a more equitable future. Imagine offering insights and expertise that could support Reconciliation Canada’s urgent and important work. Join us at Social Venture Institute Hollyhock to engage with Karen Joseph and other experts, collectively crafting solutions that elevate and uplift social ventures transforming business as a force for good.

About the SVI Case Study model:

The Case Study model at SVI is a dynamic and collaborative problem-solving session designed to provide invaluable insights to social ventures facing specific strategic challenges. During the session, a presenter shares a business challenge to a panel of three expert respondents and an engaged audience. This confidential and safe environment encourages open and honest sharing, fostering genuine learning and growth. The SVI model transforms challenges into opportunities for collective problem-solving, making each case study a platform for transformative insights and actionable solutions.

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