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Songs of the Open Road: Exploring The Practice of Pilgrimage

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Imagine a journey that blends the cadence of your steps with the rhythm of your heart, alongside a supportive and inclusive community. “Songs of the Open Road: Exploring the Practice of Pilgrimage” combines walking meditation and embodiment practices with music, song, and the power of your own voice.

Join Dawn Pemberton and Jenn Cianca at Hollyhock from September 8 – 13 for this unique and empowering retreat. 

What You’ll Enjoy:

Walking Meditation

Embrace self-discovery as you engage in walking as a form of meditation and intentional embodiment practice. Experience the world around you through all of your senses, and attune yourself to the beauty and wonder to be found in each step.

The Power of Song

Uncover the magic of music and song as a vehicle for self-expression and self-awareness. Singing can be a pathway to understanding yourself deeply, breaking through your self-perceived barriers, and embracing vulnerability.

Healing in Community 

Learn new powerful songs, and sing together as a group to experience the simple yet powerful joy of singing and moving in community.

Literal walking is not required, and however you move through space will work with these techniques. 

We hope you will join us to explore, unleash and empower your inner self through movement, voice, and community. 

Secure your space and register today!

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