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What is Values Based Organizational Design?

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Headshots of Tim Cynova and Katrina Donald of Values Based Organizational Design

It is more important than ever for organizations to commit to anti-racism, equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice. The challenge facing many organizations is how to turn these commitments into tangible and sustainable changes in their workplace culture. This is where Values Based Organizational Design comes in.

Values Based Organizational Design is a program designed for a variety of leaders and organizations, from visionary business owners and entrepreneurs, to strategic organizational development consultants, non-profit and social impact leaders, and more.

The program explores the challenges and struggles that organizations face when trying to “operationalize” their commitments to becoming anti-racist, equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplaces. It also offers opportunities to overcome these challenges and create lasting change.

We wanted to break down some of the challenges facing organizations today:

Recognizing and addressing white supremacy culture and systemic barriers embedded within organizations.

The opportunity:
Identifying specific aspects of white supremacy culture, developing strategies to dismantle them, and promoting anti-racism and equity in the workplace from strategic goal setting to hybrid work arrangements.

Creating an inclusive and equitable hiring process.

The opportunity:
Developing recruitment strategies that acknowledge and adapt for biases, supporting inclusion in the hiring process, shifting often harmful power dynamics at play in the process, and implementing equitable onboarding and talent development programs.

Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive leadership team.

The opportunity:
Implementing development and growth initiatives at all levels of the organization that invest in employees, ceding and seeding power and decision making throughout teams and the organization, and creating clear and consistent approaches to role development and advancement.

These are just a few of the challenges Values Based Organizational Design helps overcome. By recognizing these challenges and opportunities for growth, organizations can take the necessary steps to create a more just and equitable world.

Join Katrina Donald and Tim Cynova at Hollyhock for Values Based Organizational Design from June 2 – 6.

Registration is open. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible program.

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