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How do you stay hopeful?

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In a world full of turmoil – from species extinction to divisive political leaders – how do we stay hopeful?
Tune in for a couple minutes of inspiration, and discover three tips for tapping into a dormant and tremendous power within you. Below I also share some thoughts on love as the antidote to cynicism and overwhelm.
Bonus: I was joined in this video by a screeching owl! How auspicious! Wait until the end to meet our new friend.


Love: The antidote to Cynicism and Overwhelm

Love, specifically self-love and love and respect for the dignity of others is the foundation of conflict resolution, non-violent communication and Eastern Wisdom traditions.
When we love ourselves, we hold space for all emotions, inquire deeply into the roots, and understand our freedom to choose and cultivate wholesome attitudes and right perception. We learn ways of speaking our truth and expressing our vulnerabilities in ways that don’t project shame, blame, or illusionary mental narratives.
When we love others, we listen deeply, speak mindfully and respectfully, and seek to understand, empathize, and cultivate compassion for ourselves and the other person.
Love is inclusive of both tender and fierce qualities giving us the courage to stand up, speak out, and act skillfully and with integrity when something important is threatened. Love also is tender, affectionate and warm, and shines through the virtues of patience, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance.
When asked about the election of the current U.S. President, my Guru replied- love him and all political leaders. It was words that my heart needed to hear; to protect my heart from hate and division, to include everyone in my good wishes and prayers and to allow my actions to be infused with love for the Earth, love for all humans, and love for all beings.
Underneath cynicism is sadness and loss of trust in human nature; beneath overwhelm is loss of connection to the present, to the breath, and to the freedom of human consciousness. When we recover our trust in the possibility of good and we regain the freedom of our mind, we can act, serve, and stand up with integrity and virtue. We can speak out with courage and kindness.  We can fully embrace the contradictions of our world and know that it is only in the darkness that we can truly understand and shine our Light.

I will be bridging inner practices (yoga, meditation) with outer relational skills (nonviolent communication, conflict resolution) to support you in your part to build a better world at Envisioning Peace: Foundational Practices on Sept 29 – Oct 3, 2019. I can’t wait to see you there.

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