Clearing: A Free One-Hour Bellyfit Flow™ Class

Enjoy a fun, flowing, low-impact, and accessible one-hour class inspired by yoga, dance, and fitness! Bellyfit Flow™ is a holistic movement system designed for women and femme-identifying people* that augments the normally linear practice of yoga with influence from dances such as Bellydance, to create a more circular and dynamic practice.

Use this routine to open your heart, hips, and shoulders, and to clear your energetic field. Release anything that is no longer serving you, and fill up with breath and joy. Choreographed entirely on the mat to a non-stop track of worldly beats, this class will get your sweat and energy flowing!

Loretta Laurin has been teaching movement for over 10 years, and is also Hollyhock’s Communications Manager. Check out her June program, Finding Flow: Yoga, Dance, Pilates. Live in the Vancouver area and want more? Check out Loretta’s classes here.
*This online class is available for anyone of any gender.

Clearing Routine

The following videos together compile a one-hour class. Are you ready? Grab your water bottle and yoga mat, and lay it horizontally so the long side is facing your screen. You may need to prop your screen up on a table for the standing flow sections.

1. Opening Meditation & Standing Flow 1

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2. Standing Flow 2

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3. Vinyasa Flow 3

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4. Putting It All Together

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5. Stretch & Closing Meditation

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