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The Tone of Healing: Enter to Win

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From the sputters of a baby’s lips to a bird’s chirping that harmonizes with a spring breeze, sound is one of the few things that help us to connect. But what if sound were a predecessor to birth… inception even.
Pat Moffitt Cook is the founder and director of the Open Ear Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an institution that teaches about the healing use of sound. She holds a PhD in ethnomusicology, systematic musicology, and music education, and will take us on a historical and spiritual journey of Vedic mantras and chants this summer in her program Science to Source: Mantras & Chanting. Vedic chanting connects us to practitioners of the past while restoring our mind and body of the present.
We are excited to have Pat with us and as a welcoming gift, she is offering the chance to win a 60-minute personal session on restorative Vedic chanting and mantras – enter below. Learn more about Pat at the Open Ear Center and see you this Summer as we hum the key of life!
Contest draw ends March 31st.

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