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Medical Qi Gong and Intuition

When we heal ourselves, we can help heal others.

Medical Qi Gong is a simple and powerful method for optimal health and deep healing. Where breath, concentration, visualization, and movement fuse to create a foundation of balance, which we can pour back out into the world.
Qi Gong Master, physician, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Steven K.H. Aung MD humbly speaks to optimal health, through balancing body, mind, and spirit. Sharing how the power of place like Hollyhock, can facilitate deep healing.
Find out how Qi Gong, the Chakra System and Acupuncture lead Dr. Aung to discovery the “healing highway” on our blog. (Essay originally published Medical Acupuncture Journal Volume 29, Number 4, 2017)

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Join Dr. Aung for Aung Medical Qi Gong & Intuition on Cortes Island, July 13 – 16, 2018
Feature Photo: Al Westnedge

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