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The Healing Highway

When we are young we learn from our parents, when we are older we learn from our teachers and when we practice medicine we learn from our colleagues and patients. In my career, I have learned much from my many patients. To respect their opinions and suggestions has helped me immensely; in fact the most difficult patients are the supreme teachers. Of the many things I have learned from my dear patients, the lesson that struck me most is that we as humans are beyond just the physical body; we are also mentally and spiritually charged beings. In this discovery of body, mind and spirit I found that the treatment known as Vital Energetic Alignment may be the most useful lesson.

There are three reasons why I would like to write this article. First, is that the human body has energetic systems which clearly impact our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and the healthiest person has these energetic systems in alignment. Second, there is a way to treat the patient back to health by re-aligning these physical, mental and spiritual energies. Third, I would like people to know that Vital Energetic Alignment Chinese medical acupuncture with its philosophy of balancing and harmonising is capable of healing people that have become misaligned. Just as trees must grow in a specific way as to not topple over, humans must keep these energies aligned so as to stay healthy.

Fig 1 Directional needle turning in Vital Energetic Alignment
In my career, I found myself practicing in many fields, one of which was being a sports physician because of this I treated many professional athletes. They would come to me for acupuncture to help with concentration, sprains, injuries and general well-being. This led to a professional football player coming in to see me in the year of 1988. His main issue was his movements had become uncoordinated after sustaining an injury in a collision with another player. After the player’s injury, he was unable to throw the ball to its intended target. The player’s coach recommended that he come see me for treatment. On examination, the player was alert and well-orientated, although he had bruises on his face. Mentally, he was quite stable with the exception that he did not feel grounded. His vision was almost normal, except for slightly blurry vision and his eyes would dart erratically. After examination, I found him to be healthy. Although, due to his eye movements I checked his vision, and started needling Yin Tang, or in acupuncture terms EXHN.3 (formerly known as Gv.24.5) which is located directly between the eyebrows, this is also known as the third eye chakra in Qi Gong, yoga and meditation. His response was almost immediate; his eyesight began to become clearer. When I began to turn the needle back and forth counter-clockwise and clockwise he indicated that when I turned to the right his vision became clearer and he could now see the color blue very clearly. When I turned to the opposite direction his vision began to blur. Needless to say, I was very shocked by this accidental new discovery. I then decided to try turning the needles with precise movement by about 20 degrees each time in the same direction. When precisely turning to the clockwise, he told me it was the clearest his vision had ever been. When precisely turning to the counter-clockwise he immediately told me his vision was blurred. Right away I thought of a camera focusing. I realized that Yin Tang was like using the focus ring on a camera lens. I came to the conclusion that his focus was out. Later on, I had more confirmation when other professional athletes came with the same signs and symptoms. Some of them were figure skaters, hockey players, boxers, etc.. I realized that all of them were dealing with physical impact injuries, and that because of these injuries they were all out of alignment. Yin Tang proved to be very useful in treating them.
I began to realize that their Vital Energetic Alignment was distorted due to unexpected physical trauma and that depending on which side the injury occurred the turning of the needles changed, if they were injured from the right side the needle must be turned clockwise and vice versa if injured from the left side. I soon after looked into many incidents in which the patients were involved in motor vehicle and industrial accidents. I started to realize that all these accidents were associated with the GV, CV, chakra energy centers and the meridians. Their energy alignment was out and could be realigned with Yin Tang, the more I performed this treatment, the more precise the rotating of the needle became thus increasing their quality of alignment.
My next step was to begin examining GV and CV with acupuncture points. They are all located in the center of the human body, directly on the mid-line and are connected to each other front and back, up and down. In order to strengthen the CV and GV, you must understand that all the points are at the midpoint, deeply seated, and have energy centers located in seven specific chakra centers. Chakra centers are deeply seated and shaped like a funnel, all the vital energy drains into the vital organs and energy points. Chakras energy centers are broad, big and lead directly into the human body, one can think of them as energy nails that prevent the unexpected shifts of body, mind and spirit energy. Acupuncture points are just points that are only seen inside the body. Heavy physical impact can cause chakras to be shifted from proper alignment.
When I began to look into more cases of physical impact and emotional stress I noticed common symptoms such as the patient feeling out of body, fatiguing easily, loss of memory, a decrease in efficiency, a decrease in mental capacity, not grounded, and not well generally. I also discovered that occasionally pupils were unequal, the patients were tired all the time, had difficulty in decision making and became irritated easily.
In 1982, I started to read about body, mind and spirit, as well as other chakra systems in ancient Chinese medical literature. I found that there should be a systematic procedure that focused on body, mind and spirit. I compiled my findings and experience on Vital Energetic Alignment and published these findings in a French medical journal. After, I continued to study Post Concussion Syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I found that these two were severely affected by vital energetic alignment. The procedural treatment involves three needles in the front and three needles in the back. The front is associated with CV 6, 17 and 22, and the back with GV 4, 14 and 20. It is a wonderful procedure for PCS, Post-Traumatic Anxiety Stress Syndrome and PTSD. I have revisited and modified this procedure many times since that initial publication.
I have also discovered that BL.65 on both feet corresponds with human alignment and the two emotional gates PC.6 (inner) and TE.5 (outer). PC.6 is the inner gate and in a healthy patient will be open, however if the patient has a history of unconsciousness, PTSD or any surgical anesthesia it is likely that the PC.6 gate will have closed and must be reopened. TE.5 is the outer gate and is associated with emotional pollution and usually needs to be opened if there is any emotional trauma, which is very likely in cases of PTSD.
As well, CV.5 is another very useful point; it is the subconscious gate which is known as the “black box of the human-being”. Like a black box in an airplane after a crash, CV.5 can be used to review what the initial source of trauma was in the patients past experience. This is very useful in cases of PTSD in which the patient is unable to recall what caused the ailment.
About 25 years ago, I began to propose my treatment at many conferences, universities, institutions and societies. So far it has garnered a very positive response. My hope and dream for the future of Vital Energetic Alignment treatment is that it eventually becomes a standardised procedure for PTSD. I am glad to be able to share my findings with all of you. I hope that it will help our patients who suffer from PCS, PTSD, Post Stress Syndrome and all the other negativities. I also hope that I can improve the technical aspects of the procedure, as well as improve the training so that more doctors may better heal their patients. My last wish is that the treatment result of PTSD has much success with the use of Vital Energetic Alignment. I have confidence that Vital Energetic Alignment will be a great help in acupuncture, and I am so glad to have this highway open so that we will have a way to heal vital energetic alignment problems such as PTSD and Vital Energetic Alignment Disorder.
Steven K. H. Aung, CM AOE MD PhD FAAFP
Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Adjunct Professor, Faculties of Extension, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and Rehabilitation Medicine and School of Public Health University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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