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When It Comes to Love

When it comes to love, everybody is right, sort of.
Here is where the trouble starts. We all have opinions and experiences with love and about love that we find to be true for our life. From those experiences, we think we know what love is. But wait! What we actually have is just a slice, a little piece of the expression of love.
The slice of love that we know is usually romantic, or ‘partnership love’, that is active in our current life and constellations. But there is more. When we look at love, we also need to look deeply at the actual development of our capacity to love. A capacity effected by early traumas and conflicts during development. In addition, relational patterns that our forebearers dealt with in an incomplete way are still resonant and influential in our own life.
Since constellations are concerned with a more unobstructed and free flow of love, all this makes good sense.  But what about love itself?
When we look at our love patterns, we are really looking at the different manifestations of love itself. One of the things that we have learned in our decades of constellation work and contemplative practices, is that there is a whole other important dimension here: the actual presence of love.
There is a quality, or state, or a presence of being, that is love itself. One of the inspiring elements of constellation work, is removing any hindering obstacles in the way of connecting with the very presence of love. When you fully move into it,  this presence can be felt in our body as a warm, sweet, open, expansive, loving acceptance of life. When you connect to this presence, expressions of love like romance,  family bonds, and the like, are positively fueled and enriched.
One of the most remarkable and inspiring functions of constellations is that we are connected to the deep essential flow of love. By focusing on the quality and source of love itself, we are opened up to it’s pure presence, warm, safe and bountiful.
JoAnna and Dr. Dyrian Benz are offering Healing Power of Relational Constellations at Hollyhock June 10 – 15, 2018.

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