Healing Power of Relational Constellations

June 10 - 15, 2018

This program has been cancelled. 

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On the path of life do you sometimes feel a disconnection from heart? Is it possible your heart has slipped into hiding? The heart often holds memories of ruptures and emotional wounds that go back several generations. These heart woundings interrupt us from reaching out, and weaken our capacity for true intimacy and heartfelt relationships. Reclaim your lost living heart in a creative process of Relational Constellations that nurtures your heart, soul, and life force. 

Uncover disruptions and entanglements so that all parts of the self, and all of your family, can find strength, dignity, love, and purpose. Connect to your heart’s deepest desires and a part of your soul that provides valuable insight and better solutions. Unlock your heart’s capacity for deeper relationships. The result of this work can often be the profound healing of emotional problems, conflicts and physical illnesses.

When the soul is touched and love can flow freely, true relationship happens.

This program benefits individuals, couples and helping professionals.

JoAnne Chartrand has been a European-trained somatic psychology educator since 1980. Her specialty is in somatically-based, transpersonal, relational psychology, and trauma work. She is co-director of The Relational Constellation Institute of California.

Dyrian Benz, PsyD, is a mindfulness and somatic psychology educator. A co-founder of Hakomi, he conducts constellation trainings. He is also a longtime Diamond Approach student.

JoAnne and Dyrian are co-authors of The Delight of Love and Belongingrelationalconstellations.com

“Working with JoAnna and Dyrian has been an experience beyond words. Their wisdom and teachings are profound. They create a sacred space where new understandings flow. Hearts open, grow and transform. What a blessing to know them and to have found them.”

-Karen, PhD, Psychologist

In this video, JoAnne and Dyrian discuss what Family Constellation Work is: