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KoKo & Scotty

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Hollyhock presenter, Shannon Ward

I for one love Valentines Day. Yes, it’s incredibly commercialized. Yes, it can put unneeded pressure on couples to “prove” their status. Yes,  those of us locked into singledom wonder if maybe, just maybe, we may be missing out.  But when the chocolates hearts are all devoured, what is left is something incredibly important: love.  In our modern world of polarizing opposites, social hashtags and disconnect, celebrating love brings us together in a real way. And frankly, couldn’t we all use a little more love?
In honour of today’s celebrations, I’d like to introduce you to KoKo and Scotty:

KoKo & Scotty met this summer at Hollyhock. She was here from California for our Volunteer Service Program, and even managed to sneak  in a shoot with photographer Al Westnedge on Easter Bluff.

Scotty came to Cortes,  joining Siobhan Robinsong in Singing for Change.
One morning KoKo went out to stand-up paddle along Hollyhock’s sparking bioluminescent coast. Scotty, enjoying breakfast spotted Orca whales on the sunny horizon. Called to swim, Scotty made his way to the shore, right as KoKo was swimming in. The two met and have been together from that moment on. The pair is now happily married and living in Vancouver, BC!

Did you meet at Hollyhock? We would love to hear your stories of connection, friendship, and love. Comment below!

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