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Open to the Sacred: A Meditation Retreat

With Dawn Mauricio

June 21 - 25, 2023
Cortes Island
What is your relationship to the sacred? Do you turn away from it or use it as a support for these turbulent times?

Nitõtitān – Let’s Listen: A Yogic retreat to deepen connection to self, community and Land

With Malina Dawn

June 30 - July 5, 2023
Cortes Island
Nitõtetān is a Cree word meaning ‘Let’s listen’. Listening deeply is key to living in balance. Living in balance means we are not only taking good care of our selves, but being an active and willing participant in life. We take care of our communities, the earth and all our…

Crafting Ritual for Life Transitions

With Day Schildkret

July 5 - 9, 2023
Cortes Island
Life has many transitions: From the birth of a child, to the loss of a parent, from getting a new job to grieving a pet. We all experience these "hello or goodbye" moments of change but what do we do to mark them meaningfully? Could our lives be better, richer,…

Time of Transition

With Thomas Atum O'Kane, PhD

July 9 - 14, 2023
Cortes Island
Let go of your old identity and lay the groundwork for a new sense of self.

Art of Spiritual Guidance: The Reunion

With Thomas Atum O'Kane, PhD and Margie Gillis

July 14 - 19, 2023
Cortes Island
Reunion - Remembrance - Renewal - Rededication. A 5-day reunion gathering of Spiritual Guidance graduates from around the world.

Andean Wisdom: Deepening Your Relationship with the Four Elements

With Jhaimy Alvarez Acosta

August 20 - 25, 2023
Cortes Island
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Weaving together Andean Wisdom Teachings, Ritual, Healing Meditation, and Intentional Practice, this 5-day retreat will provide you with powerful tools to transform and expand your life in beautiful ways. Working with the laws of nature allows for an abundant flow and grace to come into each day. This retreat is…

From Age-ing to Sage-ing®: Deepening the Sage Within

With Annie Klein and Nancy Gray-Hemstock

September 13 - 17, 2023
Cortes Island
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A great gift of our older years is the potential for deepening wisdom and expanding possibilities.  As more and more of us are living longer, we want these extra years to be vibrant, inspiring and fulfilling. This program will help you discover what gives your life meaning as you age. An…