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Thomas Kineshanko

March 20, 1985 – March 15, 2023

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” These wise words by Albert Einstein were truly embodied by Tom Kineshanko. He was a visionary who believed in the power of innovation and collaboration to create positive change. Tom was always seeking new ways of doing things and challenging existing systems.

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Next Economy Fund

Hollyhock held a special place in Tom’s heart, as it played a formative role in his life. It was a place where he could connect with nature, like-minded people, and dream of new ways to solve problems. The Social Venture Institute (SVI) at Hollyhock was particularly significant to Tom. For 27 years, SVI has brought together leaders and entrepreneurs from various fields to explore how business can be a force for good. Through this program, participants were able to deepen their relationships, recharge their batteries, and leave with new skills and inspiration to continue their journey of social impact work.

In honor of Tom’s dedication to social entrepreneurship and his special connection to Hollyhock, we are launching a memorial fund to support the Hollyhock Next Economy Stream, a collection of hosted and curated gatherings aimed to strengthen new economic models that promote justice, participation, well-being and belonging. This fund will help ensure that this critical initiative can continue to inspire and guide leaders and entrepreneurs who are devoted to creating positive change in the world. We warmly invite you to contribute to this fund as a way of honoring Tom’s memory and continuing his legacy of innovation and collaboration.