Return and Get it

By Saki Mafundikwa. Posted on January 17, 2019 in Creativity

Sankofa – “return and get it” / “learn from the past”
Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean proverb

There are a number of things that we can learn from the past and language is one doorway into understanding what came before.

Saki Mafundikwa explains the form, flow, and function of written language of African traditions; ultimately, a journey to origins of written text and how modern-design is a space for self-design.

Take a look at the Ted Talk below and the article “Symbolic logic: How African alphabets got to the TEDGlobal stage” to learn more.

Saki will be with us in August with Art Inspired but Ancient Alphabets.

They’ve been looking outward for a long time, yet what they were looking for has been right there within grasp, right within them – Saki Mafundikwa

photo credit: TED

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