Purpose at this Pivotal Time

By Akaya Windwood & Sarah Crowell. Posted on December 3, 2020 in Social Justice

Akaya Windwood and Sarah Crowell help us get clear on our purpose during a time of convergence between the pandemic, the fight against systemic racism, and the climate crisis. This session includes a grounding presencing exercise, a writing activity, and interactive movement to help us integrate body movement into our social movements.

Akaya is a partner at Opportunity Collaboration, a founder of WiseBridge, and former President of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Sarah is a retired professional dancer, teacher, and Artistic Director of Destiny Arts.

This session was recorded live during Shine the Light, a 10-hour Hollyhock-a-thon Solstice online fundraiser. This day-long virtual event featured music, movement, and learning from many of our brilliant presenters and friends. With your help we were able to transform some of the shadow of financial hardship and celebrate the longest day of the year together in community.

Help build equity by providing the means to continue developing our social innovation programming. Your donation also supports inclusion by contributing to our scholarship fund so that a wider diversity of people can access the Hollyhock experience. Thank you for your generosity.

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