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Program begins: July 26
Program ends: July 28

Location: Bridge and Enrich Lives Society

Address: 718 E 20th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 1N2

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Partnering with Compassionate Spirits: Activating Your Medicine Council (Vancouver, July)

With Julie Kramer

July 26 - 28, 2024

“Julie is a natural and gifted teacher. Attending her introductory workshop is like stepping into a portal of divine possibility, providence, and wonder that envelops the entirety of the weekend. Whether you decide on a whim to tag along with a friend or are traversing your own dark night of the soul, this workshop is relevant, nourishing, and empowering. Participants become initiates into the infinite well of connection and possibility that lies within us all.” – A. Annesley

For millennia, people worldwide have used singing, dancing, drumming, whistling and rattling to generate natural trance states in order to journey into the invisible realms and form alliances with benevolent helping spirits. Whether we’re aware of them or not, we all have compassionate helping spirits who are devoted to our well-being, potentiation, and evolution. The practice of journeying enables us to initiate contact with our spirit guides in order to receive their immediate support whenever we’re in need of wise council, helpful insights, and powerful healing.

Program Highlights

During this experiential three-day immersion, we will embark upon a series of journeys that will enable you to:

  • Explore the invisible dimensions of reality that coexist with our physical world, where you connect with your helping spirits
  • Open the subtle pathways of perception that enable you to sense, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel while journeying throughout the invisible realms
  • Use those subtle pathways of perception to cultivate a shared language with your helping spirits that generates mutual understanding and clarity
  • Refine the inquiries you present to your helping spirits in order to optimize the guidance you receive
  • Journey to receive accurate guidance and potent healing for yourself and on behalf of others
  • Practice the art of telling a healing story, relaying guidance to others when you journey on their behalf
  • Meet the benevolent helping spirits who co-exist alongside you in the place where you live and learn how to create harmony together
  • Learn how to navigate safely, purposefully, and effectively in the invisible spectrums of reality

Each of us has a cohort of specific spirit guides who are dedicated to helping us uncover, amplify, and hone the unique medicine that we carry. This is your Medicine Council. Your singular, inimitable medicine includes your innate gifts, qualities, and capacities, all of which you are meant to share with the world in order to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

“I walked into Julie’s introductory workshop not knowing anything about shamanism or journeying. I remember feeling uncertain in the beginning because it was so different from anything I’d experienced. Julie taught with deep intention and humor, which created a transformational experience for me. From my very first journey that she facilitated, I was hooked. She helped me find a new path of spirituality and self-development that felt so vibrant and alive that I couldn’t wait to apply to her practitioner training.”  – Tiffany Skidmore

By the end of this workshop, you will have met the members of your Medicine Council and your council will be well established. Our time together will culminate with a personalized ritual prescribed by your Medicine Council—and undertaken in collaboration with them—to ignite your medicine in the service of your soul’s purpose.

This is a stand-alone workshop that also serves as the prerequisite for the year-long training Becoming a Spiritual Healer Level I: The Essentials.

Daily Program Schedule

10:00am – 6:00pm PT each day, breaks included.

Julie Kramer + Hollyhock

To read about the origins of this exciting collaboration, and for more information about upcoming workshops and trainings with Julie, please read here.


Julie Kramer
Julie Kramer was introduced to core shamanism in 2000 while attending a workshop at Hollyhock, which enabled her to begin cultivating direct relationships with compassionate helping spirits using the practice of shamanic journeying. While continuing to receive training as a shamanic practitioner and facilitator, Julie began leading workshops in 2003…
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