• CAD $75.00 – Activate Skills Tuition (Generous)
  • CAD $50.00 – Activate Skills Tuition (Standard)
  • CAD $15.00 – Activate Skills Tuition (Reduced)

Date & Time Details:
Thursday, March 28, 2024
12-1:30 pm Pacific Time

Location: Virtual

Contact: Orane Cheung
[email protected]

Generous: $75 CAD
Standard: $50 CAD
Reduced: $15 CAD
Pricing Note: We ask that you reflect deeply and select the tier that is most appropriate for your financial situation. The “Generous” tier will support the BIPOC fund at Activate Hollyhock. If the Reduced tuition cost is a barrier, please contact us at [email protected] for a free ticket.

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Activate Skills: Mobilization Strategy Development

With Jose Nunez, Hollyhock Leadership Institute and Khari Wendell McClelland

March 28, 2024

What to Expect

Activate Skills is a series of 90-minute interactive virtual workshops designed to support digital changemakers to develop strategies, refine technical systems and discover tools for campaigning and organizing.

Workshop Details

Mobilization Strategy Development with Jose Nunez

March 28, 2024 | 12pm PST | 3pm EST

This is a training geared towards developing strategy plans with a focus on mobilization of supporters. It’s primarily focused on short campaign timelines, 3 months for example, to develop a plan from start to finish. The audience for these are generally people with pre-existing infrastructure, currently at an org or campaign, who want new knowledge or a refresher on building an effective mobilization strategy.

Who Should Attend

Activate Skills is for progressive digital practitioners. You might be working in digital at an advocacy organization, a political party, labour union, or a leader who tries to bring all these pieces together. You might work with clients to deliver great digital campaigns, or build new technology.

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We are grateful to our sponsors and partners for making this work possible:


Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez has more than a decade of Democratic political experience, from school board to Presidential campaigns, with an expertise in developing innovative organizing programs utilizing digital strategies and technology. He currently consults campaigns and organizations on building strategic organizing programs, utilizing innovative digital strategies. Previously, he served as National…
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Hollyhock Leadership Institute
Hollyhock’s renowned events help to resolve the leadership deficits of the modern world. These cross-sectoral and multi-generational gatherings work to support and catalyze progressive leaders through strengthening skills, expanding capacity, and building peer-to-peer networks and knowledge. Tackling the largest issues of our time and promoting social and environmental justice requires…
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Khari Wendell McClelland
Khari Wendell McClelland is an award-winning musician and sought-after facilitator who uses the arts and experiential activities for transformational learning. Originally from Detroit, Khari made his way to Canada over a decade ago and is currently based in Vancouver, BC. Khari’s passion for community service is clear, both in his…
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