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Date & Time Details: Mondays 5:15-6:30pm Pacific Time

Location: Online

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‘HOCKSHOPS (Free, Online)

May 11 - June 30, 2020

How do we support ourselves and our loved ones with tools and resources that promote resilience and endurance? As we all adjust to the ‘new now,’ join Hollyhock presenters to gather practical advice on keeping our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves balanced and healthy.

‘HOCKSHOPS are mini interactive workshops chock full of ‘how-to’ practical tools and resources  to help you navigate change, build resilience, and take charge of your self-care. Each session will be online at 5:15pm Pacific Time for 75 minutes together, engaging in teachings, Q&A, and/or small group work.

Together we will explore various routines, rituals, skills and practices, and explore questions such as:

  • How do we support ourselves or others who are struggling with physical distancing and feelings of loneliness and isolation?
  • What teachings or traditions can we draw on for support, to be in this for the long game?
  • How do we want to show up in these times – for ourselves, our loved ones, our community?

Please come on time, and plan to stay for the full session if possible.

These gatherings will take place on Zoom, a video conferencing tool. You will need a device with audio/visual and internet connection. A link will be emailed to all registered participants, upon completion of your registration (please double-check your Spam folder for this email). Sign-in a couple minutes in advance so that we may start on time with everyone. We look forward to seeing you online!

May 11: How to stay healthy and build a resilient immune system with Drs. Lawrence Cheng and Devon Christie

More than ever, nothing matters more than good health, allowing us to do the things we love and connect with the people we love. A resilient immune system is the result of many factors including optimal nutrients, movement and exercise, restorative sleep, stress response, and social connection. Optimizing your health is the best strategy not only for remaining resilient in the face of infectious threats but also improving your healthspan and wellbeing. Dr. Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPH, is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Devon Christie, MD, CCFP, RTC, is a Certified Functional Medicine Practioner, Certified MBSR Teacher, and Certified Relational Somatic Therapist.

May 25: In the shelter of each other (For couples) with Robert Gass and Judith Ansara

The extraordinary times we are living through present couples with unique challenges to manage, but also  opportunities to turn towards each other and deepen your connection and satisfying companionship. Judith and Robert will share their wisdom and best tips for intimacy in the time of Covid. Our brief time together will include a guided experience and practices to take home to enrich your relationship. Great if you can attend with your partner – but if not please join us anyhow! Robert Gass, EdD, and Judith Ansara, MSW, gifted healers and guides, bring a depth of insight forged in their 50+ year marriage and work with thousands of couples.

June 1: Let’s talk about anger with Rachelle Lamb

Anger … it’s something that many of us are often conflicted and confused about. In a global crisis, with cancelled plans, prolonged isolation, and deep uncertainty about the future, it’s natural to feel angry. But what do we do about it? On the one hand we’re told that anger is inappropriate, yet on the other hand we’re told we shouldn’t repress it. There’s no doubt that anger can be a toxic and destructive force, but it’s also true that anger can be constructive, generative, and part of a natural grieving and transformation process. Learning how to channel and express anger in a healthy way is an essential skill for all of us as we navigate the challenge of these times. Rachelle Lamb is a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer with 20+ years experience in the field of Interpersonal Relating and Conflict Resolution.

June 8: Unpacking Systemic Racism: Making Meaning of this Moment

With the grief and outrage over innocent Black lives lost in the USA to race-based violence, what is our role? Black, Indigenous, and other racialized people in Canada are also at a much greater risk of not only police violence, but a host of other problems due to systemic racism and white supremacy. What does this mean for each of us, and what can we do? Join us for an emergent conversation with a panel of speakers to listen, learn, feel, and make a plan for action. This is a free online event. You also have the option to donate, with 100% of proceeds going to Black Lives Matter Vancouver.

June 29: Wayfinding in Turbulent Seas 

We are all wayfinders. The traditional navigational practices of wayfinding provide insights and skills that are needed when one is ‘off the map’. These skills are especially important in storms of dynamic change and confusion, as we are voyaging together in this uncertain time of pandemic, revealed inequality and injustice, and profound social disruption. Keahi and Dan are grateful to be invited into cultural learning and to respectfully guide a shared learning from a set of stories, images, meditations and reflections from the ancient art of navigation.