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Our presenters are curated for their quality, depth, integrity, and alignment with our educational purpose. Since 1982, a distinguished faculty of authors, educators, activists, artists, performers, and practitioners have shared their work at our Cortes Island campus and in Vancouver.

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Cheney Creamer

Cheney Creamer (B.A., V.F.T.C.) is an internationally recognized Horticultural Therapy Specialist, HeartMath® Certified Coach, and Organizational Wellness Consultant. She has over 20 years’ experience guiding individuals to cultivate meaningful relationships with nature with the purpose of building resilience to stress and strengthening their capacity for change. Cheney is the Founder & President of One Green Square Wellness Consulting, an Organic Master Gardener (O.M.G.), Cannabis Sommelier and educator, and the Chair of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association (CHTA).

As the Chair of the CHTA, Cheney works in partnership with horticultural therapy organizations, professionals, and students around the world. Bringing an inclusive approach to the field, she is passionate about strengthening an understanding of horticultural therapy and bringing therapeutic gardening to every corner of Canada. She believes deeply in helping everyone experience the benefits of getting their hands, feet, and face in the soil!

Weaving together the science of the heart & brain, with a deep appreciation for nature, Cheney creates engaging activities & transformational wellness programs. As a dedicated personal coach and dynamic professional facilitator, her focus is on methods that are simple, practical, fun to apply, and profoundly effective.

Beyond coaching and program facilitation, Cheney also works with communities to rebuild native plant food corridors, develop public food forestry projects, and re-imagine their community gardens to apply a more inclusive, therapeutic gardening approach.

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