Hollyhock Presenters

Our presenters are curated for their quality, depth, integrity, and alignment with our educational purpose. Since 1982, a distinguished faculty of authors, educators, activists, artists, performers, and practitioners have shared their work at our Cortes Island campus and in Vancouver.

Jennifer Moore

I sense no difference between art and existence. In this way I am an artist, as I believe we all are. In pursuit of inner vision and my own feeling tone of love, I work daily to allow creation and possibility to flow through me. I find sway and fluidity in the interplay between medium, with a focus in sonic meditation, music production, and poetry (The Well Of Sound). I seek liberation through process, and believe sharing to be an integral part of growth and healing. Love as modality is necessary. Operating from a centre that is connected to all that is, has ever been, and will be is what we have the power to do; to constantly be freeing ourselves back into balance. Finding inspiration from all types of music and sounds, I am drawn to that which brings the listener closer to themselves, and in turn all of existence. I create as a practice of freedom. I translate life into movement and sound, to affect its direction, path, and quality.