MAPS Canada

As Canada’s first psychedelic non-profit charitable organization, MAPS Canada is in a unique position as a neutral convener to bring together a variety of stakeholders in the psychedelic space to discuss the future of this emerging space. Working with partners in government, business, and the community, MAPS Canada is committed to advancing psychedelic medicine by supporting scientific, multidisciplinary research; advocating for drug policy reform; offering public education; and supporting equitable access to legal and regulated psychedelic medicine in Canada

Events with MAPS Canada

Canadian Psychedelic Summit (Application)
August 5 - 10, 2022

The psychedelics field is experiencing rapid and exciting growth in Canada and abroad. As we stand on the precipice of establishing a regulated market for medical access, MAPS Canada invites leaders to pause, connect, and create a vision for the future fitting of the revolution that psychedelics promise. The Canadian Psychedelic Summit is the first in a series of annual gatherings that will bring together leaders across sectors to explore a vision for psychedelics in our nation centered around equity and ethics. We will offer a container to have the challenging conversations facing our field. Beyond envisioning the future of…