IndigenEYEZ is about transforming communities; to inspire an intergenerational legacy of well-being among First Nations people in BC and beyond.

IndigenEYEZ facilitators blend land-based learning with the arts and best practices in community-building. Their approach – the Creative Empowerment Model – is being used around the world. It has been refined over the past two decades by Partners For Youth Empowerment (www.PartnersForYouth.org), an organization that generously shares its knowledge with many partners. IndigenEYEZ has adapted this approach especially for First Nations.

The vision of IndigenEYEZ is shared and supported by an incredibly talented network of dedicated facilitators.


Events with IndigenEYEZ

Truth & ReconciliACTION (Vancouver)
May 25, 2020

Build bridges. Strengthen relationships. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission urged all Canadians to work together to make the changes needed for reconciliation. The Calls to Action challenge Canadians to change perspectives and policies at every level, to confront hidden biases, and to address power imbalances. Do you wish to cultivate right relations but are unsure where to begin? The Truth & ReconciliACTION workshop will share tools to respond to the TRC Calls to Action. By looking inward and examining your own identities, intersectionality, and background, you will gain a deeper understanding of what you bring to your relationship with others. We will…

Champions of Change (Vancouver)
October 22, 2020

Champions of Change is leadership training that invites you to personally experience and practice change. We coach you to strengthen your capacity for healthier relationships and stronger connections—to reclaim your innate power and agency. The goal is to create culturally safe spaces for community building that support movement towards positive systemic change. Are you a Frontline Worker? Champions of Change will give you a new set of tools to more effectively address challenging relationships, increasing engagement, and motivate your community. Are you a Health Program Manager? During Champions of Change you will learn how to build and maintain positive uplifting teams, and strengthen…