Karen Mahon Carrington

Karen Mahon Carrington is a life long environmentalist, trainer and teacher. She was a principle architect in the landmark campaigns to protect the old-growth rainforests of Clayoquot Sound and the Great Bear Rainforests on Canada’s West coast. Since then she has been working to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, develop and implement climate policy and organizing for climate justice.

Intertwined with her environmental work Karen has been a student and teacher focused on the intersection of the inner spiritual and emotional realms with the outer planetary and social crises. Steeped in Jungian psychology and Judaic and Christian mysticism, Karen has developed a framework for engaging with the climate crisis in a way that enlivens us and calls into deeper relationship with the world around us.

She lives on a tiny island off the coast of BC gardening and contemplating the paradoxical possibilities of a climate-driven mass spiritual awakening or apocalyptic social collapse.

Events with Karen Mahon Carrington

HollyhockTalks: Sheltering in Community
March 26, 2020

What is happening in the world and in our communities is stressful and destabilizing. Reducing social contact can add to that anxiety. Humans really dislike uncertainty, so now it is more important than ever to reach towards one another in connection, and learn tools for resilience. This 6-week interactive online series to help you centre, calm, and connect, in order to process the enormity of what is happening in our world right now. Sessions will be hosted by Hollyhock Board Vice Chair, Karen Mahon Carrington. Each week will feature different Hollyhock presenters offering reflections and processes to allow us to…

Apocalypse or Awakening: Living the Climate Emergency (Vancouver)
May 29, 2020

How do we find meaning, purpose, and wholeness as we awaken to the emerging climate reality? How do we resist both denial and despair? Engage in discussions on how to find our ground, and turn apocalyptic news into an awakening of our species that moves us to a new chapter in our evolution. Through group discussion, dyad work, and repeated questioning, examine how the 4 Paths (Via Positiva, Via Negativa, Via Creativa & Via Transformativa) offer frameworks for living an engaged life at this time of climate emergency. Two Ticket Options are Available: Friday Evening Only: Register Here Full Weekend: Register Here

Climate Hope: Tools for Thriving in the Climate Era
August 12, 2020

We are living through a time unlike any other. As we bear witness to the increasing severity of the climate crisis, we are faced with questions that cut to the very nature of who we are and the ultimate fate of our human species. With little framework to emotionally or spiritually process the magnitude of this experience, we may move into grief, anxiety, or emotional withdrawal. Climate Hope is an invitation to gather in community to build spiritual and emotional resilience to help us engage with the climate reality from a place of joy and productivity. Together, we will call…