Authority vs Power: Exclusive Preview with Daniel and Gabor Maté

By Gabor and Daniel Maté. Posted on August 14, 2018 in Wisdom + Wellness

Imagine we are all planets orbiting each other and the sun. We revolve based on our own momentum. But sometimes, the gravitational pull of others can thrust us off orbit. In our non-orb lives it happens the moment we define ourself through the eyes of someone else. It’s a loss of inner power, leaving you to float aimless in the abyss.

In this exclusive preview of their upcoming podcast series Hello Again Project, father-and-son team Gabor and Daniel Maté intimately discuss the distinction between power and authority, and how we can get lost in the confusion.

Join Gabor and Daniel Maté for Hello Again: A Fresh Start for Parents & their Adult Children this November 16-18 in Vancouver.

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  • Brenda A Heartwell

    Excellent, I am exited to listen to the podcasts. The http://www.helloagainproject.com is not live as of yet. I have attended Hello Again twice with my daughter and we are again signed up for November. This year my son is joining us and I am hopeful the same healing occurs as my daughter and I experienced.

  • Amanda McNaughton

    Hi Brenda! We are delighted to read that you and your children will all be attending this year! See you in Vancouver.

  • Laura

    This is a much needed topic. I have searched for info on adult (children) and parents a permanently changing dynamic with no rule book !!! To follow. So so needed can’t make Vancouver 😫but would love the podcasts. Things are rough in South Africa at the moment so Travelling that distance is not possible but wow can’t wait to hear these