Syed Hussan

Activate Altitude Speaker

Syed Hussan is the Executive Director of the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change and a member of the Migrant Rights Network Secretariat. The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is Canada’s largest membership-based organization comprising over 30,000 migrants, ranging from farmworkers and domestic workers to migrant students and undocumented people.

Hussan has spent over 15 years building power and winning change for migrants including pioneering Canada’s first Sanctuary City policy, coordinating hunger strike actions in immigration detention, and influencing changes in medical inadmissibility laws. He is a regular news commentator and adjunct professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Hussan has also been involved in the FreeGrassy campaign, supporting Grassy Narrows First Nations in their fight for mercury justice, and he co-founded RememberJan29 to combat anti-Muslim hatred after the Quebec City mass shooting in 2017.