Pedram Dara

Pedram Dara, a former MDMA therapy clinical trial participant, passionately advocates for the potential of psychedelic research in mental healthcare by integrating clinical expertise with lived experience insights. 

Rooted in a deep understanding of the treatment process, Pedram actively shares insightful perspectives. Engaging with influential figures, including Matthew Johnson, David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, Rick Doblin, and Michael Mithoefer, he has made impactful contributions to prominent conferences such as ICPR and Breaking Convention, as well as therapist trainings and policy meetings, including a notable session at the European Parliament.

Speaking at the ICPR conference in 2020 led Pedram to a leadership role within the OPEN Foundation. He demonstrated commitment to advancing psychedelic science and therapies by organizing ICPR 2022, a sold-out event with over 1200 attendees, where he also pioneered the first dedicated panel for participant perspectives in clinical trials at a major psychedelic science conference.

Committed to amplifying the voices of research participants and mental health patients, Pedram ensures the ethical integration of psychedelics into science, healthcare, and society. He actively communicates and addresses the potential benefits and risks, contributing to the ongoing dialogue in the field and developing accessible, personalized, and culturally congruent healing solutions, particularly for underserved communities.